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ID: 27865, TMS TAdvStringGrid

by Bruno Fierens Email: Anonymous

Feature packed grid component
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For Delphi, Version 15.0  to 15.0 112 downloads
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Size: 15,730,544 bytes
Updated on Thu, 26 Aug 2010 07:03:19 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 12 Aug 2010 06:19:00 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 279B8212C54128D7FBAE965C8F9DC20EB543DE54
MD5 Hash: 784B322B8C216481694D6929F637A0DA

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TAdvStringGrid offers following features:

-page number, date, time, title in footer or header
-different header & footer font
-use cell font and color from display or different print font control
-automatically splits columns over multiple pages if needed
-print selected regions from the grid
-set margins, print centered
-use repeated fixedrows and fixedcolumns for multiple page output
-automatic fit to page
-see before you print with preview
-specify borders of each cell for printing
-additional custom printing
-wordwrapped, rich text, HTML formatted text printing
-HTML formatted print titles

-set text alignment to Left, Justify, Right for each cell
-each cell can have different font & background color
-select from singleline, multiple line to automatic wordwrap
-show URLs as real clickable URLs
-draw ellipsis when text doesn't fit column
-hidden columns
-rich text cells
-HTML formatted cells

-automatically advance to next cell
-single key insert and delete rows
-automatic cells cut and paste
-masked edits with autoadvance
-immediate caret positioning on mouseclick
-automatic sorting when column headers are clicked with several sort methods and customizations.
-cell search functions
-cell editing disable capability
-different hints for each cell
-incremental key lookup
-dynamic scroll hinting
-easy & intelligent clipboard functions with auto fill and auto expand ranges & rich text aware
-enhanced row and column moving with position indicators
-automatic skip over fixed and read-only cells

-save to file, load from file
-save to CSV, load from CSV
-save to XLS, XLS sheets, load from XLS, XLS sheets
(native support, without the need to have Excel installed)
-save to streams, load from streams
-save to HTML with color, alignment and font markup
-save / load from formatted ASCII files
-save to Word DOC files
-save to XML files
-load from MDB tables

-normal left or right aligned edit controls
-masked edit controls with automatic cell advancement
-checkboxes, comboboxes, cell data bound checkboxes
-datetimepicker, timepicker, datetimepicker with up/down
-edit control with ellipsis button
-comboboxes and edit controls with auto-lookup and auto history
-integer, float, time, date, spinedit control
-button control
-radio button control
-use another custom editor
-expand/contract node controls
-rich text inplace editing
-color picker,image picker, time picker
-grid dropdown, detail dropdown list

-add images to your cells
-control positioning of image on top, bottom, right, left ...
-add icons, bitmaps, imagelist items and data dependent images
-rotated text
-multi image cells
-TPicture, TFilePicture objects opening support for all kinds of graphic formats
-progress bar
-comment indicator

-ESBPCS : can be used for a lot of additional special inplace editors
-Addict Spell Checker : can be used for spell checking
-Multilizer : can be used for internationalization

-A multi column combobox on steroids
-Full TAdvStringGrid functionality in dropdown grid
-Can be used as inplace editor in TAdvStringGrid
-Lookup or narrow down control
-Search lookup text via search footer
-Add graphics, checkboxes, controls, dynamic coloring etc... in dropdown cells

-Supports mousewheel events
-Saves user resized column widths to .INI file or registry
-Automatical column numbering
-All kinds of routines to delete, clear, move, hide columns & rows
-Selection of full rows & columns with mouse
-Set column headers and fixed rows at design time
-Disjunct row selection
-Flat and proportional scrollbars
-OLE drag & drop within grid and between grid and Excel, Word, ...
-Group and UnGroup functions and grouped sorting
-Multicolumn filtering

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