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ID: 27941, FuzRegex v1.1.0.3 Advanced Search and Replace Utility

by Ann Lynnworth Email: Anonymous

FuzRegex is a standalone search and replace utility, supporting regular expressions. It is easily scriptable.
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For RAD Studio, Version 7.0  to 15.0 17 downloads
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Size: 481,580 bytes
Updated on Tue, 31 Aug 2010 18:06:13 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 17 Aug 2010 15:51:23 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 011B0B0272862E4ED4589F95DF93EB2886CC2409
MD5 Hash: F1B1A5AF707FF0CE285B40B80E25E868

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The Lite version of FuzRegex enables Delphi and C++Builder developers to quickly practice regular expressions against files-on-disk, finding matches in, for example, *.pas and *.dfm files, across one or more folders, optionally including subdirectories.

In paid mode, FuzRegex supports replacements based on regular expressions. FuzRegex is also scriptable, meaning that the replacements can be sequenced, saved to a file, and re-run against files in multiple folders. The idea is that you can use FuzRegex to script the upgrade of keywords within SQL, Delphi and C++Builder Source, and BAT files.

There is a free evaluation mode which enables ALL features for 30 days. Instructions for obtaining a free unlock code are under the Help menu, and you can generate additional renewal unlock codes if needed, at no extra charge.

Please visit for a single web page that includes screenshots and explains a bit more about how to configure FuzRegex.

For more information, see

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