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ID: 28373, TMS Plugin Framework

by Bruno Fierens Email: Anonymous

Framework to make building Delphi modular applications with plugin support easy.
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For RAD Studio, Version 16.0  to 16.0 46 downloads
Copyright: Commercial use requires permission

Size: 879,970 bytes
Updated on Tue, 30 Aug 2011 01:13:41 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 26 Jul 2011 07:22:28 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 70A5DB765B193B57A5C2E577DF007524133CF52A
MD5 Hash: 1E9CE8F8B96A1750952711F20A4E08F0

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Allows breaking large applications into multiple dynamically loadable packages.
Reduces filesize for sending updates by sending only plugin updates.
Allows distributing custom plugins for specific customer needs.
Allows extending applications without recompilation of the main module.
Allows adding new menus, forms, layouts, etc... through plugins in your application.
Visual plugin designer
Includes a plugin manager that allows a flexible and easy way to handle plugins to load.
The TMS Plugin Framework has the same concept as the Delphi IDE that allows you to incorporate new functionalities to the environment based on 'Services'.
The TMS Plugin Framework takes the complexity out of building package technology based plugins
Debugging capabilities (breakpoint, step into, run to cursor, pause, halt ...)

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