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ID: 28411, Dew Lab Studio 2013

by Janez Atmapuri Makovsek Email: Anonymous

High performance numerical libraries for linear algebra, statistics, digital signal processing and data mining using Intel AVX, support for 64bit, and a comprehensive Open CL library for harvesting the power of GPU.
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Updated on Wed, 16 Oct 2013 04:01:31 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 11 Aug 2011 01:19:16 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 05BF299CAAD3CCD82A7001D8CCDB68430540AC7B
MD5 Hash: 6B14ECA6707B943A43C18E6242C0C1BB

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Dew Lab Studio includes Dew Math library and additional signal analysis (Dew Signal) and statistical analysis (Dew Stats) add-on packages.

Features include:
- fast object oriented numerical library with Open CL support
- super conductive memory manager allows linear scaling with number of threads.
- take advantage of multi core CPU's automatically in your numerical applications.
- ability to achieve optimal performance for numerical algorithms and speed up floating point by 6-20x matching the speed of highly optimized unmanaged code.
- Debugger Visualizers that integrate in to IDE give a substantial boost to programmers productivity. Chart, grid display and perform math operations on variables while debugging with windows auto updating on every debug step.
- LAPACK 3.1 based
- Complete support for complex numbers for all functions.
- Rich set of matrix and vector functions and operators.
- Solver for banded sparse matrices, Iterative sparse solvers, Direct sparse solver for non-symmetric matrices. Conversions support Banded, Dense, Sparse and Triplets matrix formats
- 23 probability distributions (PDF, CDF and inverse CDF function), special functions, optimization routines, random generators and distribution parameter estimation.
- fast vectorized math expression parser and evaluator
- 1D and 2D FFT's, correlations and autocorrelations.
- arbitrary functions of matrix including square root of matrix and logarithm of matrix
- optimized integer math library.

- Descriptive statistics
- Hypothesis testing
- Weighted/unweigted linear and multiple linear regression.
- Weighted/unweighted non-linear regression
- Time series analysis (ARMA, ARIMA, ARAR, MA, AR, ...)
- PCA, multivariante analysis, ...

Signal processing
- IIR filters (Cheybshev I and II, Butterworth and Elliptic) with ultra high filter stability up to order 50.
- FIR filters (Remez and Kaiser) with complete filter design support. Component based filter design editor.
- Non-linear filters
- Spectral analysis, cross spectral analysis and higher order bispectral analysis
- Conversions between different forms of transfer function
- Audio recording and playback components including ASIO.
- interpolated FIR filters, DCT/IDCT
- fast rate conversion
- time series prediction
- fractional delay filters

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