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ID: 28434, TMS Diagram Studio

by Bruno Fierens Email: Anonymous

Add diagram and flowchart capabilities to your application. Diagram Studio provides MS Visio-like interface for building diagrams and flowcharts at runtime, including predefined blocks and open architecture for adding your own blocks.
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For RAD Studio, Version 16.0  to 16.0 88 downloads
Copyright: Commercial use requires permission

Size: 4,897,722 bytes
Updated on Tue, 30 Aug 2011 01:31:52 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 15 Aug 2011 09:32:04 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 5048785BB7F89669874A65A2BF1D23279C64A3DB
MD5 Hash: 0EB21B0398C7C1CC33A7A1693329D148

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Diagram editing behaviour similar to standard diagramming applications
Ready-to-use Visio-like look and feel diagram editor
High-quality (anti-aliasing) drawing of blocks and lines
Blocks and lines can have transparency
BMP, WMF, EMF, PNG, TIFF, GIF and JPG images supported in blocks
Open architecture for building custom blocks and lines inherited from base classes
Ready-to-use flowchart, arrow and electric blocks
Diagram printing and previewing
Linking system allow customizable link points and information retrieval of connected blocks
Support clipboard operations
Block gradient, shadow and bitmap
Full block customization: pen, brush, color, selection color, minimum width and height
Block text customization: horizontal and vertical alignment, font, word wrap, clipping
Customizable link points in blocks
Inplace block text editing
Full line (link) customization: pen, source arrow shape, target arrow shape
Arc & bezier lines, polygon objects
Block rotation supported (including text, bitmap, metafiles and gradient)
TDiagramToolBar component for easy diagram editing with no line of code
Diagram snap grid
Diagram background image (stretched or tiled)
Diagram rulers
Saving/Loading diagram to/from file and stream
Diagram zoom in/out
Support for different layers
Support for node support in connected blocks and block hiding with node collaps / expand
Helper classes TBlockDrawer and TGPBlockDrawer for easy custom drawing on custom blocks
Lots of ready-to-use TAction descendants available for specific diagram operations:
clipboard operations, object deletion and inserting, zooming, and more.
Live diagram execution, live flowcharts

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