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ID: 29608, CompressionMaster

by Andrey Lysenko Email: Anonymous

Zip, strong encryption and streaming compression libraries
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For RAD Studio, Version 4.0  to 21.0 58 downloads
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Size: 55,783,951 bytes
Updated on Mon, 14 Oct 2013 18:26:58 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 14 Oct 2013 18:25:17 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 4A341F54E12CC20CE211290EB643B61D6EC842E1
MD5 Hash: FA4C9CA268DD229F5060577DE96CD7E6

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CompressionMaster Suite is the most advanced data compression library available for Delphi and C++ Builder.
The Suite includes three independent data compression products:
Easy Compression Library, FlexCompress and ZipForge.

The CompressionMaster Suite consists of:

1) FlexCompress
FlexCompress is a high-speed compression library developed to provide archive functionality for your applications. This solution provides flexible compression and strong encryption algorithms that allows you to integrate archiving or backup features into your programs in a fast and easy way.

2) Easy Compression Library
Based on new original One-Stream technology, this toolkit has everything you need to compress and encrypt files, streams, strings, data packets and even BLOB fields.

3) ZipForge is a fast ZIP compression library. With this toolkit you can easily add archive functionality to your projects. ZipForge Personal is free for personal use.

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