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C++Builder Source Code Submissions

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17156 C++Builder Source Code Actual computing
In this study analytical approach to software development that is based on principles of compression of information practiced in theory of signals is discussed.
8/4/2020 12:38:20 AM 376 1.3MB
15340 C++Builder Source Code Actual computing
In this research some undocumented characteristics of Standard Template Library (STL) are discussed.
2/21/2020 12:36:10 AM 305 578.2K
15328 C++Builder Source Code Actual computing
In this study some unrealized features of existing programming techniques are characterized in general terms using principles of compression of information.
12/30/2019 10:40:34 PM 151 1MB
15311 C++Builder Source Code Actual computing
In this study some elements of programming techniques are used that are based on reason and logic rather than intuition.
5/29/2019 12:15:09 AM 171 2.2MB
15112 C++Builder Source Code Actual computing
Although in fact principles of compression of information provide no valid technical solutions, those principles can be used as a kind of explanation of existing programming techniques.
2/11/2019 10:57:14 PM 256 1.8MB
14016 C++Builder Source Code Actual computing
In this submission developer-oriented approach to computing is discussed.
11/22/2018 4:06:20 AM 194 1.4MB
30687 C++Builder Source Code Cpp Calculator
Learn to program with C++Builder: C++ Calculator

Source code from the blog series on learning C++ with C++Builder. It's not 'learning to program' - this assumes you already have some basic programming knowledge, including object orientation, pointers, etc - but rather, 'learning to program with C++'.
2/13/2017 1:14:21 PM 130 89K
30685 C++Builder Source Code InterBase ToGo Encrypted Multi-Device app
Secure multi-device application using C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin and InterBase ToGo database with both database and column level encryptions.
2/10/2017 11:35:09 AM 29 126.5K
30518 C++Builder Source Code A QD tracer for Clang compiler on Windows.<FIXED>
A Quick and Dirty profiler/tracer for Clang compiler on Windows. Allows you to profile all compiled functions in your C++ application,
built with the Clang based C++ compilers.
12/15/2016 6:07:18 AM 44 7.7K
30589 C++Builder Source Code Useful C++ Features You Should be Using webinar parallel samples
Learn about the latest features of C++11 that you can take advantage of today in C++Builder 10.1 Berlin.
David Milington and David Intersimone "David I" - Embarcadero Technologies. C++11 Parallel Programming Library demos.
7/15/2016 4:12:37 PM 250 174.9K
30508 C++Builder Source Code Using C++11 Lambda functions with the C++Builder PPL
Source code examples for my blog post - Using C++11 Lambda functions with the C++Builder Parallel Programming Library. With the introduction of the Parallel Programming Library (PPL) and Embarcadero C++Builder support for C++11 lambda functions on the Win32, Win64, iOS and Android platforms, you can now use the two in combination in your applications.
4/8/2016 5:34:20 AM 102 174K
30473 C++Builder Source Code C++ DesktopCast_AppTetheringEncrypt_LockBox
DesktopCast is a sample application with a client-server architecture where a client application can connect to a server application and receive a screenshot taken by the server application once or every 5 seconds using app tethering. The server application is a VCL application, and the client application is available both as a VCL application and as a FireMonkey application.Using TetheringAppProfile OnBeforeSendStream intercept event handler to encrypt STREAM before sending to app tethered connected apps.
1/22/2016 12:18:54 PM 68 154.8K
30455 C++Builder Source Code C++ Builder 10 Seattle TRegEx Samples
C++ Builder 10 Seattle sample projects (VCL and FireMonkey) using TRegEx and Regular Expressions.
12/10/2015 7:21:23 AM 150 73.6K
30451 C++Builder Source Code Virtual computing
As a matter of fact, Gabor uncertainty principle and Heisenberg uncertainty principle apply respectively to form and content of information about outside world obtained through the faculty of vision. This means that in reality each of mentioned principles must be treated according to its involvement with techniques of processing of information about outside world.
12/1/2015 9:16:06 PM 26 360.6K
30436 C++Builder Source Code Virtual computing
Although Heisenberg's uncertainty principle was formulated in 1927, up to now it had been unheeded. That is, this principle was treated as feature of reality rather than feature of our approach to description of reality.
10/30/2015 4:53:11 AM 25 431.9K
30421 C++Builder Source Code David I's CodeRage X C++ Parallel Programming Samples Source
This zip file contains the source code projects for David I's parallel programming and multi-threading samples presented during hte CodeRage X Thursday, October 15, 2015 5am PDT session titled "Simplify MultiThreading with System.Threading for Mobile and Desktop Apps"
10/15/2015 7:10:55 AM 218 154.9K
30320 C++Builder Source Code Virtual computing
Formal description of reality widely practiced today is based on geometry and depends on time. But if we compare such description with its prototype we'll find no analog of the time variable.
7/30/2015 10:21:01 PM 20 659.2K
30227 C++Builder Source Code Virtual computing
Information about outside world in a time-dependent format of three-dimensional space permits a wide range of interpretations. The lion's share of those interpretations can be attributed to geometry.
5/13/2015 10:20:58 PM 15 363.1K
30184 C++Builder Source Code Virtual computing
Our mind is profiled to receive information about outside world in a time-dependent format of three-dimensional space. Speaking from a technical point of view, such format of information is characterized by a high degree of complexity.
4/6/2015 10:40:57 PM 20 418.3K
30151 C++Builder Source Code Building Connected Apps - C++Builder XE7 BluetoothLE TISensorTag
Sample C++Builder XE7 source code projects for the "RAD in Action: Building Connected Apps with Bluetooth and App Tethering" webinar white paper - Access Bluetooth LE TI SensorTag(CC2541)
3/3/2015 1:01:15 PM 68 11.6K
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