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Submissions by Gregory Ledenev


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21346 JBuilder OpenTools Productivity! Pro 2.0 for JBuilder
Productivity! is genuine and rich set of tools intended to greatly simplify routine coding and navigation operations. As result, it allows significantly greater development productivity.
4/1/2004 3:10:45 AM 374 4.1MB
16589 JBuilder OpenTools Class.Insight v 0.95 - Forget about typing your import statement
Class.Insight - Forget about typing your import statements!
9/29/2001 2:16:19 PM 79 0 bytes
16561 JBuilder OpenTools Class.Insight 0.9 - Forget about typing your import statements!
Class.Insight is OpenTool for JBuilder 4-5 that allows quick finding of Java classes with names corresponding to a word at cursor and inserting found class name and its import statement. It employs the popup window similar to other JavaInsight popups (MemberInsight, ParameterInsight etc.) to choose needed class from several possible variants. Thus you don't need to type import statements by hand - just use Class.Insight to find and insert the class you need and let it to make all other job instead of you!
9/20/2001 10:19:51 AM 1117 87.6K

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