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Submissions by Peter Laman


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23992 Delphi Best Techniques Load HTML text into TWebBrowser control
Best way to load HTML text into the WebBrowser control, avoiding problems involved with other techniques.
5/24/2006 2:59:45 AM 1448 1.9K
22336 Delphi OpenTools Automatically insert TODO's for uncompleted methods
New command in the Delphi IDE to automatically insert TODO's for each empty block (begin/end, try/finally, etc. with no statements enclosed).
9/21/2004 11:33:34 PM 229 8.8K
22292 Delphi Components A Smooth Stay-on-top form
Download TStayOnTopForm here, a form that supports a smooth StayOnTop feature that doesn't occlude modal dialogs WITHOUT having to use NormalizeTopMosts.
9/16/2004 8:12:59 AM 343 5.5K
22319 Delphi Components TIntegerList - List of Integers component
A descendant of TList, holding integers
9/15/2004 11:36:10 PM 524 563 bytes
21531 Delphi Source Code Setting MessageDlg button properties
The uDialogsExt unit provides setting button properties for the Message dialogs of Delphi (such as the default button)
3/11/2004 1:35:08 AM 339 2.7K
21342 Delphi Database Storing, retrieving and using JPEG graphics in a database field
Example of how to store, retrieve and use JPEG data in a database field.
1/21/2004 5:51:16 AM 861 3.8K
20520 Delphi Source Code Objects to access Version Info Resource (r/w)
This unit contains objects to access the Version Info Resource of a Win32 PE image. It provides both read and write access.
8/28/2003 7:35:45 AM 181 5.8K
19905 Delphi Components RichEdit with persistent formatting info
TRichEdit descendant that preserves all formatting info in the DFM, plus a property editor that allows to edit/format the text
5/7/2003 1:39:25 AM 342 4K
18983 Delphi Components Fix for component reference bug across units
FIX: If a component has references to components in another unit, the references are sometimes lost when opening the unit.
10/17/2002 2:06:41 AM 133 831.4K
16842 Delphi Wish List Locating components that use an event handler
I would like to have a feature in the IDE that allows me to point to an event handler and then list/select all components in the project that use the event handler.
3/20/2002 3:14:18 AM 12 0 bytes
17704 Delphi Wish List Get non-visual components off the design form
Non-visual components hide controls on a form in the IDE. It would be better to display them elsewhere.
3/20/2002 3:09:12 AM 10 0 bytes
17703 Delphi Wish List Open a .PAS without the .DFM
Please add the possibility to open .PAS files in the IDE without automatically opening the corresponding .DFM
3/20/2002 3:00:03 AM 10 0 bytes
16790 Delphi Components TSession can hangup a multithreaded application
Due to a bug in exception recovery, TSession can hangup a multithreaded application, when the session can't be made the current session.
10/23/2001 2:46:35 AM 238 50.7K
16520 Delphi Source Code Class completion for interfaced methods
It would be helpful if Class Completion (Shift+Ctrl+C) added hitherto undefined methods to a class for interfaces it implements.
9/6/2001 1:16:32 AM 14 0 bytes
16354 Delphi Wish List Let CodeInsight match begin/end, and so on
Let CodeInsight match begin/end, and so on
7/13/2001 7:12:23 AM 13 0 bytes
16309 Delphi Wish List case statement tag protection
Wanted: protection of case statements against undefined labels
7/5/2001 6:24:44 AM 13 0 bytes

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