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Submissions by Marcelo Lopez Ruiz


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16691 InterBase Binaries MSSQL And Access To InterBase Migration Wizard
This wizard is a free, open-source tool to migrate MS SQL and Access databases to InterBase and FireBird.
7/16/2002 12:40:43 PM 683 1.7MB
18124 Delphi Components Writing a Custom DataSnap Provider
Demonstrates how to create custom DataSnap provider and resolver objects.
6/13/2002 12:25:32 PM 483 15K
17571 Delphi Complete Projects XML-based Help Generator for Delphi
Provides tools and files to build a help file for Delphi from an XML file.
4/19/2002 8:35:18 AM 841 716.4K
16792 Delphi Source Code Data Copy Sample
Demo project and explanation about how to copy data between running applications with WM_COPYDATA.
10/23/2001 8:18:09 AM 655 5.8K
16717 Delphi Source Code Controlling processes in Kylix
A demo project that sends input and retrieves output from another process.
10/15/2001 6:31:28 AM 185 5.2K
16268 Delphi Source Code MLR Simple Routines
Simple low-level routines to simplify common programming tasks.
6/22/2001 8:14:01 AM 586 184.1K
16116 Delphi Source Code Interbase connection pool
This is a unit which can be used to implement a pool of Interbase
connections in a process.
5/10/2001 6:32:02 AM 749 3.2K
15498 Delphi Source Code Unloading IIS Applications With Script
A Windows script to unload an Internet Information Server (IIS) application - helps development.
1/16/2001 5:09:03 AM 843 2.3K
15461 Delphi Complete Projects Explorer Cookies Browser
This project is a small Delphi application which allows you to browse and delete Internet Explorer cookies.
12/22/2000 1:22:20 PM 1941 14.8K
15222 Delphi OpenTools Scripting the Delphi Editor
This snippet has an OTA which allows VBScript scripts to run and manipulate the Delphi editor selection, plus a simple automation-compatible TStrings.
9/25/2000 6:44:30 AM 1280 209.2K
15139 Delphi Complete Projects WebControl with DHTML extensions and stream loading
A control and a sample project to extend the DHTML model and load content from streams/strings/TStrings.
8/28/2000 5:59:01 AM 1701 14.2K
15141 Delphi Complete Projects Delphi ASP Object Creation Tutorial
This snippet is a tutorial on Active Server Pages Object creation in Delphi 5.
8/23/2000 2:09:37 PM 3268 10.1K
15055 Delphi Source Code Using VBScript Err from Delphi
7/14/2000 1:17:21 PM 427 4.4K
14768 Delphi Source Code Writing Collections - a tutorial
6/2/2000 9:47:35 AM 1341 9.4K
14739 Delphi Complete Projects Examine running processes on NT
5/22/2000 9:32:27 AM 1932 4.1K
14674 Delphi Source Code OTA experts: web searching, building menus, sorting code
4/27/2000 8:53:55 AM 592 9.2K
14655 Delphi Source Code TClientDataSet Actions
4/18/2000 11:52:55 AM 725 3.1K
14622 Delphi Components Paradox Backup\Restore Actions
4/7/2000 11:08:04 AM 1276 4.7K
14571 Delphi Components MLR Visual Controls (D5)
3/17/2000 5:11:05 AM 704 30.3K
14527 Delphi Source Code Enhaced web control + web actions
3/3/2000 9:35:11 AM 1054 12.2K
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