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ID: 15098, baseSim Simulation Components

by Colin Ashworth Email: Anonymous

Welcome to iBright Ltd, home of baseSim
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Updated on Sat, 29 Nov 2003 05:03:09 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 02 Aug 2000 13:05:59 GMT
baseSim Simulation Components are a suite of Visual Components designed to complement and extend the functionality of Borland Delphi v.4.0/5.0. They provide the means to produce simple or complex Simulation Models in order to carry out 'What if?' analysis, or to produce bespoke standalone Simulation based applications for Company-wide distribution and use.

Features Overview:

* Easy to use and to develop.
* Rapid 'Drag and Drop' development.
* Ability to build complex, flexible and standalone Models.
* High speed, fully compiled execution.
* Suite of Delphi Components.
* Close integration to Delphi (e.g. Design-time and Run-time Component Editors).
* Model Hierarchy.
* Multi-threaded EventController.
* Statistical Distributions for model experimentation.
* Graphical Distribution Editor.
* Disruptions and Failures.
* Blocking behaviour.
* Flow Decision Control.
* Automatic Statistics Collection.
* Animation of Material Flow and Movable Objects.
* Graphical Connector Lines between Objects.
* Smooth scrolling and zooming of Simulation Forms.
* Model Object Browser.
* Model Integrity Checker.
* Data Tables, Stacks and Queues.
* Can place user Actions on the Event List.
* Integrated Help (Design-time and Run-time).
* On-line Technical Support.
* Plus all the benefits of the Delphi Environment.

Please download from our Web Site.

For more information, see

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