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ID: 17704, Get non-visual components off the design form

by Peter Laman Email: Anonymous

Non-visual components hide controls on a form in the IDE. It would be better to display them elsewhere.
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Updated on Wed, 20 Mar 2002 03:09:12 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 20 Mar 2002 03:08:36 GMT
If a form contains non-visual components (e.g. TTable, TDatasource), in the IDE they occlude any controls that are on the form, which makes designing the form harder.

I suggest the following alternative:
A new (dockable) form (called the 'non-visuals' form) in the IDE could show all non-visual components of a particular form in one or more list views. The arrangement of the icons is up to the user and can be saved in a file called unitname.NVC (NVC for non-visual components). The NVC file can also be used to categorize the non-visuals for easy finding. The benefit of this separate file is that the properties for positioning the components are no longer necessary, because they aren't needed at run-time anyway.
The user can dock this 'non-visuals' form into the designtime form, which will then show a tab for the form and one for the non-visuals. But, of course, he can also use the form in its floating version.

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