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ID: 17865, HTMLDoc Property Editor with Preview

by carlos saenz Email: Anonymous

HTMLDoc Property Editor with syntax highlighting and preview (requires IE installed)
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For Delphi, Version 5.0  to 5.0 340 downloads
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Size: 11,209 bytes
Updated on Sat, 27 Apr 2002 08:53:47 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 27 Apr 2002 08:52:46 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 6F57BE5A3B8456E65600F728048BFC45D2313613
MD5 Hash: C82410CE0E8F668E1898BF1C4F2DBBF8

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HTMLUtils version 1.03 for Delphi 5 (by

This simple project is basically a Property editor for the HTMLDoc property in TPageProducer component.

The intention is to have a basic syntax highlighter and a preview of the HTML Code. While you can do this in Frontpage or in IE, I think it's nice to see the results of your html coding right away in delphi itself.

There's little coding as you will see in the source. That's the beauty of delphi and also a SynEdit feature:
The HTML syntaxhighlighting was just dropping a component, no work on my side :). You also got bookmarks (same way as delphi) and will add more stuff as I investigate Synedit a little more.

As bonus:
- you will get an option to "stringify" the HTML code to use in an OnAction event to fill a response.content.
That's how I started with this project, until I understood a little more of tags.
- you can load an existing HTML file (sorry, can't save yet, though the results are always written to HTMLutils.html in your project's dir)
- you have a basic "wizard" to convert a dataset into a HTML form. Would be sorta TDatasetPageProducer but for forms. It will respect your dataset's friendly names if set, and will add tags for you to set values in code.
- talking about tags, there's a tab where you will obtain a parsing of your html with all the object names there and also tags in your code. When you click on copy, you will get in your clipboard a version of these values that you can paste in onAction and OnHTMLTag events respectively.

There's also a .dpr file to use in case you want to compile the main form as standalone exe. I see no big advantage to this now, but anyway it's there for you.

Delphi 5 Pro or Enterprise, Synedit package (see below), IE (I am using version 6).

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