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ID: 18037, VisualSoft JBGrid Lite Version 3.4

by Venkata Mallineni Email: Anonymous

VisualSoft JBGrid is an easy to use data management tool that simplifies the task of representing complex data.
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 7.0 93 downloads
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Size: 2,972,942 bytes
Updated on Wed, 15 May 2002 13:14:37 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 15 May 2002 07:16:23 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 9E8AE80E5044CF9E60FDEC40AA004E0E0129B5B4
MD5 Hash: 38633BDD94B5DC1E6244F79F40C00BC4

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VisualSoft JBGridX LiteVersion 3.4 is a lite version with limited features of our full-featured commercial component ?VisualSoft JBGrid 3.4 Version? that was developed for Borland JBuilder 7.0 Companion CD users.

VisualSoft JBGridLiteX 3.4 is an easy to use data management tool that simplifies the task of representing data in rows and columns. Its efficient memory management enables data addition in as many cells as desired in different methods.

It provides you a flexible interface that can be customized and used in your development environments.

Data presentations can be enhanced to required color combinations and images can be inserted in background. Individual cells can be controlled; the fonts and their size can be customized.

VisualSoft JBGridXLite architecture is designed to provide superior performance in your applications.

Where it can be used?

JBGridXLite can be used in activities where real time data feeds are involved. Its data-intensive environment allows in-coming data to be accommodated dynamically into grid cells.

Integrate JBGridXLite in any of the following applications to enhance their representation:

- Stock market analysis
- Portfolio management
- Election result analysis
- Sales trends
- Supply chain activities

What's new in this version?

- Progressbar Editor
- TextArea Editor
- Mask Editor
- Hyperlink Editor
- Import and export of XML files with in-built editors documents using DTD
- Import and export of XML files with in-built editors documents using Schema
- Additional Events for JBGrid i.e. VsJBGridXDataEvent, VsJBGridXFileEvent, VsJBGridXKeyEvent, VsJBGridXMouseEvent, VsJBGridXSelectionEvent.
- Performance Enhancements

Key Features

- Supports images in Combobox editor
- Built-in spin for time objects
- Images can be depicted on cells
- Background/foreground colors for selected cells
- Customizable font for selected cells
- Borders for selected cells
- Horizontal/vertical alignment for selected cells
- Add/Insert/delete columns
- Cell text alignment
- Customizable text in row header
- Sorting columns
- Data type and string based sorting supported
- Built-in calendar for date objects
- Fetch and populate data from different data formats such as .CSV, .XML, .TXT, .HTML using in-built data models
- Checkbox Renderer and Editor for Boolean values
- Images can be set to the checkbox renderer
- Intercell spacing and row margins setting supported
- Auto adjustable row heights

A close look at the features of JBGridXLite (Swing)

Customizable UI

- Adjustable row height
- Inter-cell spacing
- Row margin setting
- Row/column header resizing
- Grid/ row/ column header
- Data grid foreground/background colors
- Grid line color
- Color filling, border, foreground color for text and font of selected cells
- Change Text in row header
- Show/hide row numbers
- Show/hide row icons
- Show/hide grid lines (horizontal, vertical or both)
- Drag and drop column headers
- Add/Insert/Delete rows and columns

Data Sources/Databases

- Import data from file formats such as .CSV, .TXT, HTML and XML
- A separate database model layer for database support

Data Sorting

- String-based, object-based and multi-column
- Sorts by column and block wise

Built-in Editors

- Progressbar Editor
- TextArea Editor
- Mask Editor
- Hyperlink Editor
- String, Integer, Float, Currency, Character, Time-spin, Drop-down calendar for Date, Month combobox, Date combobox and checkbox are available
- Supports null values
- Supports images in Combobox editor
- Custom editors for cells that can be used as different types of data masks


- Multilingual support

JBGridX Events

- VsJBGridXDataEvent
- VsJBGridXFileEvent
- VsJBGridXKeyEvent
- VsJBGridXMouseEvent
- VsJBGridXSelectionEvent.

Java Development Environment

VisualSoft JBGrid works well with any JavaBean-compliant visual development environment such as Borland JBuilder.

For more information, see

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