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ID: 19067, Video NetPlay

by lovejingtao lovejingtao Email: Anonymous

recover data in Mpeg1 format into video format
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 1.0 342 downloads
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Size: 520,964 bytes
Updated on Wed, 30 Oct 2002 07:55:29 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 26 Oct 2002 14:56:09 GMT
SHA1 Hash: D12DD5AED6924CCD855F8D2299F7AE24B13D7B09
MD5 Hash: 972CF9B962BD410736A830391A36A334

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Description of the Mpeg1 decoding library(or based on Mpeg1)
I. Description
Mpeg1Decode.dll is a decoding library of Mpeg1 video files based on DirectxShow. You can recover data in Mpeg1 format into video format by using Mpeg1Decode.dll so that producing video broadcast on network and digital video-on-demand will become easy. In addition, Mpeg1Decode.dll can be embedded in your Visual Basic, Boland, Delphi, Visual C++ programs without difficulty.

II. List of files
1. A demo of broadcasting of Mpeg1 video files in LAN, Including 2 files, MpgServer.exe and MpgClient.exe, both are written in Boland Delphi 5. If one computer connecting to network plays video files with MpgServer.exe running, another computer running MpgClient.exe on the same LAN can receive the program.
2. A demo of playing Mpeg1 video data in memory.

III. Interface (refer to Mpeg1DecodeDll.pas for details)
1. Mpeg1Decode_Init():bool;
Function: Initializes objects of COM and allocates buffers for video files.
2. Mpeg1Decode_SendBuf(buf:pbyte;lbufsize:longlong):DWORD;
Function: Sends the data to the cache allocated. If the return value is ?, it means the cache is full.
3. Mpeg1Decode_OpenVideo(hWnd:Thandle;r:TRECT;iSeek:DWORD=0):bool;
Function: Begins to play Mpeg1 data. hWnd is the handle of a video window, r is the size of the window and iSeek is the size of the data block to jump over.
4. Mpeg1Decode_PlayVideo():Bool;
Function: plays video.
5. Mpeg1Decode_PlayVideo():Bool;
Function: pauses playing video.
6. Mpeg1Decode_ResumeVideo():Bool;stdcall;
Function: Continues after pausing.
7. Mpeg1Decode_StopVideo():Bool;
Function: Stops playing.
8. Mpeg1Decode_CloseVideo():Bool;
Function: Closes a video widow.
9. Mpeg1Decode_UnInit():Bool;
Function: Frees objects of COM and buffers.
10. Mpeg1Decode_ReSizeWindowRect(r:TRect):Bool;
Function: Changes the size of a video window.
11. Mpeg1Decode_SetHWND(hwnd:Thandle):Bool;
Function: Sets the handle of a video window.
12. Mpeg1Decode_SetNewHWND(hwnd:Thandle):Bool;
Function: Changes the handle of a video window.
13. Mpeg1Decode_SetWindowRect(r:Trect):Bool;
Function: Sets the size of a video window.
14. Mpeg1Decode_FullScreenVideo(bFull:BOOL):Bool;
Function: Sets full or nonfull screen playing.
15. Mpeg1Decode_PopupAudioPropDlg(hwnd:Thandle);
Function: Pops up a track setting dialog.
16. function Mpeg1Decode_GetMinimalVolume:DWORD;
Function: Gets the minimal volume.
17. function Mpeg1Decode_GetMaximalVolume:DWORD;
Function: Gets the maximal volume.
18. function Mpeg1Decode_GetCurrentVolume:DWORD;
Function: Gets current volume.
19:procedure Mpeg1Decode_SetCurrentVolume(dwValue:DWORD);
Function: Sets the volume.
20:function Mpeg1Decode_GetMpegFilePacketHead(FileName:Pchar;dwPackStartPos:PDWORD):Bool;
Function: Gets the head position of a Mpeg1 file.
21:function Mpeg1Decode_CheckIsDatFormat(FileName:Pchar):Bool;
Function: Decides a file is in Mpeg1 format or in Dat format.
22:function Mpeg1Decode_CheckIsMpegFile(FileName:Pchar):Bool;
Function: Decides whether it is a video files in Mpeg1 format or not.

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