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ID: 19069, VisualSoft JBChart 3.4

by Venkata Mallineni Email: Anonymous

VisualSoft JBChart 3.4 is a feature rich and customizable Java Bean,which presents charts and graphs with great looks in a quick and easy way.
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For JBuilder, Version 3.0  to 8.0 85 downloads
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Size: 2,573,859 bytes
Updated on Mon, 28 Oct 2002 02:52:23 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 28 Oct 2002 02:47:01 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 1F338C9B31949CB95B34D138909EB4FCA139316B
MD5 Hash: D04DA7BF6FAF05A6D25F3FDE44CE5494

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What is JBChart ?

VisualSoft JBChart 3.4 is an unrivalled;feature rich and customizable Java Bean,which presents charts and graphs with great looks in a quick and easy way.

Draw the chart you require - Pie, Bar,Line, Area, Column, Stock, XY-Scatter,Radar, Bubble, Doughnut, Cone, Cylinder,Dial, Triangular and Box charts.

Set a header for the X-Axis and Y-Axis.Select a name and color for a series of data, incorporate images in the background, show/hide footer, header, yaxis and legend.

VisualSoft JBChart can be used in applets and can also generate images (JPG, PNG,BMP and WBMP), to enable the chart in web applications and web pages. It gives web developers the power to add life to data quickly.

Where can it be used ?
It can be used in presenting powerful reports that provide vital analysis, statistical information necessary to make crucial decisions.
Integrate JBChart in any of the following applications to enhance their charting and reporting power:

* Financial Management
* Analysis and Reporting applications
* Customer Relation Management
* Logistics Management Services
* Network Monitoring Tools
* Post and Pre-Sale analysis
* Scheduling Services

JBChart is available in Swing versions.

For more information, see

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