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ID: 19161, Expert System Designer

by Calin Lukas Email: Anonymous

Powerful, cross-platform, flexible, intuitive environment for the development, testing and debugging, profiling and optimization rule-based expert systems using the CLIPS/JESS inference machine.
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 8.0 72 downloads
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Size: 8,532,915 bytes
Updated on Fri, 01 Nov 2002 17:24:02 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 01 Nov 2002 16:34:35 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 96ED1AD59E530187B753DFD6D2FA536EF2DAFFEE
MD5 Hash: 788BC9967F95A8F8E79B666D9EDEE810

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Expert System Designer is purely written in Java (using the Swing GUI toolkit and providing customizable and consistent look-and-feel) to provide cross-platform functionality, and runs on any Java 1.3 enabled platforms. It is a project-based development environment where each project can have one or more CLIPS/JESS source files. Integrating the Version Manager and Version Explorer components into ESD offers the possibility to manage multiple versions of your project (and its source files).

The Project Browser component allows you to you visualize a project both in file-based and entity-based views. The file-based view displays all the CLIPS/JESS source files of your project, allowing you to easily add/edit/delete them. All entities (rules, templates, global variables etc) defined in all the source files of your project are displayed in a type-based manner in a separate panel (EntitiesPanel).

Code Editor is a powerful, customizable, multi-windowed code-editing component helping you to easily edit multiple CLIPS/JESS source files. It has syntax coloring facilities, can undo/redo your actions, display a list of all the CLIPS/JESS functions and commands, and automatically update the EntitiesPanel while you type your code.

Expert System Designer has intuitive wizards for adding/modifying CLIPS/JESS constructs (defrule, deftemplate, defglobal, deffunction and deffacts) in your system. By using the EditorAssistant component you can edit the rule’s actions (the function’s or deffacts’s body) in a graphical-visual mode. Graphical diagrams for following code blocks (if, if-else, for-each, while and generic-action) are also available.

Expert System Designer has an integrated debugger offering all the facilities you need. You can set breakpoints for any rule of your system. You can execute your system in a rule-by-rule manner and you can even step into a rule execution (visualizing fact-list or agenda while the rule’s actions are executed one by one). Agenda and fact-list windows let you track the system’s evolution. You can add/remove facts to/from the fact-list at any moment during the expert system execution. The Watch window lets you inspect local/global variable values.

By using the Tracing options you can trace the execution of your system. Using TraceViewer you will be able to visualize the history of rule execution along with each firing-context. You can discover time-consuming rules or frequently fired rules and focus your attention on improving these rules for a better performance of your system.

Features and benefits:
• Cross-platform application running on Java 1.3 enabled systems
• Visual development environment (using the Swing GUI toolkit)
• Saves projects to a disk file or to a database (JDBC 2.0 compliant), offering versioning facilities
• Project Browser in both files-based and entities-based views
• Enhanced Code Editor component
• Constructs (defrule, deftemplate etc) wizards
• Code structure diagrams editor
• Powerful integrated debugger for CLIPS/JESS inference engines
• Tracing of the expert system’s execution
• Generates pure CLIPS/JESS code

System requirements
- Java ™ 2, JRE Standard Edition Version 1.3.x enabled platforms:
- Microsoft Windows 9x/NT4/2000
- Mac OS
- Linux
- Sun Solaris and various other UNIXes
- Optimal Middleware Java Version 1.0

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