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ID: 20163, List files in disk or folder

by Andre Wolff Email: Anonymous

List/Print/Save all or selected file types in start-folder and its subfolders. Options: disk space, file date, MP3 album and track numbers.
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For Delphi, Version 5.0  to 7.0 1349 downloads
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Size: 336,159 bytes
Updated on Sat, 06 Mar 2004 00:54:22 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 08 Jun 2003 09:40:24 GMT
SHA1 Hash: B3C54E5B08983FAD0A18DD261B5025FE156A3AD6
MD5 Hash: DF98CC192CE357005E85D7B92E5CBD26

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Program ListDisk allows you to make a listing of files on a disk or in a folder. All files in subfolders will also be listed. The result is displayed in a list box at the right site of the program window. This result can also be printed or saved as a text file.

You can list all files or a subset of files, for example MP3 music files, with the filtercombobox in the upper left corner. The start directory can be selected with the directorylistbox and drivecombobox at the left site.
2003-6-16: Problem with a delimiter in the save folder name solved.
Checkboxes allow you to tune the output. It is possible to show as option the disk space used by the displayed files and to show the file date of each file. It is also possible to omit the file extension in the output. These settings are saved in an inifile, so they are automatically selected the next time the program is used.

As an option it is possible to show a sequence number in front of each folder and file. This is handy in case you like to list all files on a CD with MP3 files for an MP3 player which shows only album numbers and track numbers. For the same reason it is possible to show only foldernames (album names) to get a compact survey of a disk.

If the result is saved as a text file, the text file gets automatically the volume name of the disk
By saving listfiles of all your data CD’s in the same folder, it is easy to find back a particular file via the search function of the Windows Explorer.

The executable of program ListDisk is included in this project as well as the Delphi source code.

The source code of this program uses 3 non standard Delphi components which should be installed via Delphi menu item ‘Component / Install component..’ in case the source code is used:

The TDirSearcher component is used for recursive file search, the source code is in the included file

The TExtEditCtl is used for the edit-boxes and can be downloaded from internet site

The TPrinterObj is used for printing and can be downloaded from internet site

A ready to run version in the Dutch language can be downloaded from where you also can view the helpfile

For more information, see

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