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ID: 22169, EspressReport v4.0

by Michael Peach Email: Anonymous

EspressReport is a powerful reporting toolkit. Java APIs integrate within applets/applications/servlets/JSPs, pull data from any source, and generate DHTML/PDF/Excel files.
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For JBuilder, Version 1.0  to 11.0 81 downloads
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Size: 72,733,093 bytes
Updated on Fri, 20 Aug 2004 09:18:50 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 20 Aug 2004 09:12:37 GMT
SHA1 Hash: EC42E70117F51B21DF98B43A66A4589E91EE22F8
MD5 Hash: D2D36F5B121154AE0EB7B81F241DC24A

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EspressReport is a powerful pure Java reporting tool. Architected from the ground up for the Web, EspressReport offers a new standard in information delivery. It can retrieve data from multiple sources, and easily build sophisticated reports with a minimum of user effort. From the simple output of application data, to the sophisticated presentation of vital corporate information, EspressReport is up to the task. EspressReport can generate reports in HTML/DHTML, text, CSV, XML, Rich Text, PDF, and Excel formats.

EspressReport provides a complete visual design environment for users to design and build reports. The designer controls all aspects of reporting, allowing users to specify the data sources used for the report, and format all of the report properties. The designer allows the report to be instantly previewed, and can save reports as templates, or directly export reports to a variety of formats.

EspressReport provides several query interfaces, giving users complete control over data drawn from JDBC/ODBC sources. Users can type their own SQL, with full control over the statement. A graphical query builder is also available. For users without knowledge of the underlying database structure, EspressReport provides the data view interface that allows administrators to translate the database into a local catalog structure. Users can then query the catalog to create ad-hoc reports. Users can also create reports using XML & text files, or import data directly from Java classes and EJBs.

Most reporting tools provide some basic charting functionality (bar, line, or pie plots). EspressReport provides an extensive built-in charting library. Users can easily plot report data in one of over 30 different 2D and 3D chart types. The imbedded chart designer allows users to edit chart properties visually, before inserting them into the report.

With a pure API-based deployment configuration, EspressReport easily integrates into virtually any application environment. With no proprietary servers required to deliver reports, the reporting engine can be embedded directly in an application server. This allows users to leverage the scalability of their existing platforms. With a deployment package as simple as a couple of API classes and report templates, EspressReport can be completely integrated within third party applications.

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