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ID: 26359, SDL Component Suite 9.51 for C++Builder 2007

by Hans Lohninger Email: Anonymous

The SDL Component Suite is a collection of components supporting scientific and engineering computing (math, statistics, visualization, charts, geographic maps, chemistry, and more).
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For C++Builder, Version 11.0  to 11.0 62 downloads
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Size: 20,252,995 bytes
Updated on Sat, 06 Dec 2008 23:55:32 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 06 Dec 2008 23:56:00 GMT
SHA1 Hash: D157F9E907BA20658F8A32923C1E1F53160D308C
MD5 Hash: E81DA77B0852B8194D2DC067FBFCBBC5

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As of December 2008 the SDL Component Suite is comprised of the following packages and units (summing up to a total of approx. 115000 lines of code):

SDL_SDLBase a collection of common declaration used by the other units
SDL_SDLColors definitions and routines for color management
SDL_CPUID retrieving technical information about the CPU (serial no. etc)
SDL_DStruct FIFO buffers, bit and byte arrays, RL encoder, associative arrays
SDL_HtmlSupport a collection of routines to support HTML code
SDL_UnivConst a collection of universal constants (math, physics, chemistry, astronomy)
SDL_FileSys a collection of system and file related routines
SDL_Streams a collection of routines for handling streams
SDL_StringL string processing and regular expression search

SDL_Complex a collection of routines to calculate with complex numbers
SDL_DataTable universal class for handling measurement data
SDL_Math1 a collection of basic math/statistics routines
SDL_Vector handling of vectors
SDL_Matrix for manipulating matrices
SDL_Math2 a collection of advanced math/statistics routines
SDL_Fourier a fast Fourier transform (FFT) component
SDL_Kohonen a component to simulate a Kohonen map
SDL_SLine a non-visual component for performing calculations with straight lines
SDL_Statis statistical functions, normal, t-, F-, and chi-square distribution
SDL_Wavelet a simple wavelet component

SDL_CData some fundamental chemistry related routines
SDL_CForm molecular formulas
SDL_ChemGrph a component for displaying chemical structures
SDL_CStruct a unit for handling chemical structure

SDL_ColSel a color select box for selecting system colors
SDL_GradFl a gradient fill component
SDL_MarkSel a component for selecting graphic symbols
SDL_Meter a good old index meter component
SDL_NumIO fail-safe input of formatted numbers
SDL_NTabEd numerical table editor
SDL_NumLab a numeric label component
SDL_ProgBar adjustable progress bars
SDL_RasterLab scrolling dot matrix display
SDL_RepList a component for displaying reports
SDL_Thumbnails a component to display images as thumbnail collection

SDL_GeoDB database for geographic data
SDL_GeoMap a unit to display geographic maps
SDL_GeoAtlas a geographic atlas component

SDL_BoxPlot a component to display boxplots
SDL_Gauge a gauge component
SDL_Plot3D a component to display color-coded 3D surfaces
SDL_RChart the award winning scientific/engineering chart component
SDL_Rot3D a component to display 3D data and rotate them on-screen

The Light Edition is fully functional but restricted in many aspects; please
see the help file for details. A more detailed description of the components, as well
as application examples and further pricing information can be found at our Web site:

A lot of additional application examples can be downloaded from

For more information, see

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