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ID: 27444, Modular Application Framework Components

by Helge Lange Email:

MAF Components is a set frame work with more than 20 components to build modular applications in Delphi.
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 2.0 123 downloads
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Updated on Mon, 16 Nov 2009 06:49:59 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 15 Nov 2009 18:17:34 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 7343C478D2D993008DBCCA676FDBED3B258430EA
MD5 Hash: 28B59DA74CF283BE0B6933C97D423518

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For version 2.0 the MAF Components bring a completely rewritten core and
a new module controller component, that makes modular development not
only easy, but also fast and almost code-less.
MAF Components builds itself next to any existing application and
doesn't interfere with it, what makes it perfect for migration from
monolith exe files to real modular applications. Forms and code can be modularized
whenever there is time for it.
The DynamicCode technology manages modules and code, allows to call
DynamicFunctions which are build from code fragments throughout all
modules. New code can be added into existing DynamicFunctions, old code
removed or replaced. Without re-compiling the application nor any module
Install and de-install modules at runtime without restarting the
application, easy to handle function observer inform any interested part
of your application about new code installed or existing removed.

With MAF Components your code is protected by an integrated security
layer, that compiles an own DynamicFunctionTable (a data object that
manages installed modules and their code centralized) for every user
logging on. every code fragment published in a module can be grouped and
user/user groups can be given access to it or not. Absolutely code-less
for your application a complete right management, that shows a user in
your application only what he/she has access to.
Link parts of your application together with the new link client
components, that can inform 1-n receiver components (that registered for
a message type) about any changes, which makes polling sources obsolete
as the source now can inform any clients, no matter how many are
interested and the source knew about them when it was compiled.

The re-designed resource manager component now uses monolith data files
for string and file resources, making images by path or ID available
throughout the application and let your modules share images and
strings, centralized organized and exchangeable.

MAF components uses a bridge component to access databases and
automatically transports data connections to any module loaded. There is
a always growing list of supported DAC, including at the moment : IBX,
FIBPlus, IBDAC, SDAC, UniDAC, MyDAC, RemObjects AnyDAC (done and
working, included in the next release), Absolute Database and Accuracer DB. More are
already in work and soon available. The source for these bridge
components is available in all versions of the component suite and show,
how to implement new DACs on your own, if yours isn't supported.

The website includes tutorials that show step by step, how to work with
the MAF Components (source included in the trial package) and a
extensive demo (with source) called TCA is available for download.

The forum is open for any question or/and support for all version of the
component suite.

Take a tour at or download the trial as
well as the TCA project in the download section.

MAF Components is also available as a free Personal Edition for
non-commercial use, more details in the readme file inside the trial

For more information, see

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